Enhance your Coronavirus Risk Management
with IoT Protection Technologies



Businesses continuance is a challenge during the Coronavirus pandemic. As the government lockdowns are slowly lifted and a semblance of normality returns, it is of paramount importance that businesses  strictly follow the guidelines to provide confidence, whilst avoiding a second wave of infections. It is now more important than ever to provide ongoing protection to staff and customers. 

Smart Detection

The iDefigo Smart Camera solution uses Smart Detection to sense and focus on every person at a building entrance or hallway.  The camera can be rapidly installed anywhere so as not to impede the normal flow of staff and customers in any building.


Smart Vision

An advanced AI camera is used in a non-invasive way to accurately determine whether people are not wearing a face mask or if they have an EBT (elevated body temperature). Note that elevated body temperature is a key indicator

of COVID-19.

Smart Analysis

An alert is raised for any person that is detected to have an elevated body temperature. This alert is provided to an authorised Smart Camera user within the business who may be situated near the camera or centrally located and monitoring a group of cameras at different locations in a building.

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Business Response

iDefigo's IOT Protection solution provides high resolution optical images of EBT, Facemask and/or Social Distancing exceptions. It is recommended that a business implement a policy and process that enables the discrete immediate response to any exception.

Daily management reports enable businesses to actively manage trends in the workplace and to adapt their risk assessment processes accordingly.

Simple INstall

Simply mount camera on tripod or permanently to a wall.

Then turn-on the power to start your using your iDefigo IOT Protection solution.

Smart Detect

Camera detects up to 30 people simultaneously. AI technology ensures accurate results by focusing on key locations on the face.

Smart Analysis

Alerts securely and immediately transmitted to the iDefigo Smart Camera cloud service for analysis. 

Smart Response

App notifications to enable rapid business response to enforce company policy & regulations.

Report & REview

Daily intelligence report to show aggregated data on site utilisation and exception incidents.