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He lives in a small village called Pedunadu where his parents Mahendra Raju (Jai Jagadish) and Jayamma (Sukanya) are government servants. He has a teacher named Mathu Naidu who is a popular political leader and is known for his rigid attitude and straight-laced behavior. Annamayya's parents plan to get married his cousins Timakka and Akkalamma, but Annamayya does not accept the plan because he has an affection for Akkalamma. He meets a woman named Uma (Suriya) who is the daughter of a rich agriculturalist named Santosham (Srividya). He comes to know that Uma is his cousin's daughter, and that is how they get married. A few days later, Mathu Naidu comes to Annamayya to tell him that the village residents are planning to get him killed. Annamayya and his father Mahendra Raju save him. Mathu Naidu advises Annamayya to go to the village to talk to the villagers. Annamayya is hesitant to do so. He goes to the village with Mahendra Raju to talk to the villagers to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, Sajani (Radha Ravi) is the leader of the village to help Annamayya. He asks him to take the village into a strike mode. Annamayya is confused to do so. Mathu Naidu also advises him not to go to the village for the same reason as the people, and Annamayya follows it. However, he encounters a fellow named Putta Naidu (Dilip) who convinces him to go to the village. In the village, Annamayya meets a young girl named Akhila (Bhavana) and her sister Raani (Jaya Prakash Reddy), and they ask him to go back. Annamayya goes back to the city after he hears that Sajani's death has taken place. He visits Uma and also meets Santosham and his family. Uma becomes his wife. He meets Akkalamma and Timakka again and advises them to get married. They agree to his suggestion. On their wedding night, they are attacked by a gang of robbers but Annamayya protects them. They have a child named Akkineni Nag




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Annamayyamoviedownloaddvdriptorrent yarkulul

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