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Smart Camera

Cloud Software

Immediate and Secure Access to your Images and Alerts

All the iDCam Protect products securely connect to the iDefigo Smart Camera cloud service where you are able to view and manage any image alerts.

Any authorised user can access the Smart Camera online cloud service to view manage their cameras through your internet browser or smartphone app.

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Complete Security and Privacy of your Data

iDCam Protect builds upon the iDefigo Smart Camera platform that thousands of enterprise and government customers use today. iDefigo are experts in image capture, sending images along with data over the secure Internet of Things mobile network, to its cloud platform where it process images extracting actionable information to organisations. 

The below diagram shows the key components of the Smart Camera solution. 


End-to-end security is paramount throughout:

  • No data is stored locally on the camera or on the client premises

  • No data can be accessed locally (maliciously or otherwise)

  • All data is solely communicated via a dedicated mobile IOT connection using an IOT roaming SIM

  • All data is transmitted from the mobile IOT network to iDefigo's Cloud Service through a dedicated Private APN 

  • The iDCAM Protect product cannot be configured to communicate to any location other than through the IOT network and through iDefigo's dedicated Private APN that uses dual IPsec-VPN tunnels to provide full security and failover

  • All data is housed in AWS servers, located in a purpose-built data centre environment in the UK.

  • All data is delivered to client apps (mobile or desktop) via SSL encrypted sessions

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